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Why WonderMarker?  

In today’s world, there seems to be a concentration on all negative aspects of life.  Politics, terroristic threats, and natural disasters dominate the headlines, to the point where people start to ask, “where is God and why would He let these things happen?”  While we can’t answer how these issues fold into God’s plan, we can say with certainty, God is ferociously at work in our day-to-day lives!

God wants nothing but the best for us and is working to ensure we prosper, all while growing closer to Him in the process.

In an effort to honor his daily efforts in our lives, we need to recognize and draw attention to all the wonderful miracles and wonders He performs on our behalf.  This will stir our awareness and help us see the world as He intends us to see it, all while allowing us to give thanks for every blessing along the way.

Our goal is to make it part of our daily routine to highlight these wonders, no matter how small or indescribable they may seem at the time.  If we are diligent in our efforts, the bigger picture will begin to be more clear, and if we are honest with ourselves, our purpose will become more traceable.

This gives us an opportunity to train our eye toward God’s work, and like anything, with practice we will get better at recognizing His efforts in this world!  Give it a try, with dedication, we can start to see His plan in action around the world!

God is living amongst us and working fervently in the process.  Let’s give Him His due and boast on His behalf!  God bless us in this mission!