Subtle Reminder

Today is a subtle reminder that even the overcast days can be beautiful and useful to His purpose! Feeling blessed at all times!

First State Title

Watching the Champlin Park girls high school volleyball team win the state championship was outstanding! They overcame lots of adversity and showed a great desire to succeed! I definitely felt like God was present and helping them achieve their goal! Great job!

God Uses All Avenues

I was blessed with winning a Poker tournament, and while many don’t condone playing cards, or view it as gambling. I’ve seen the Lord allow me to gain blessings from Him thru this avenue, all while opening up discussions about the Lord in the least likely scenarios. All things work for our prosperity when we do it for His glory!

Given Time

I’ve gone years wondering my Grandmas true thoughts about Christ, and our Lord has blessed me with numerous opportunities to ask her what she believes. I finally had the discussion with her and she revealed her faith in Christ, even though shes never been one to go to a church on a regular basis. She celebrated her 96th birthday last week and I feel like I received the gift in having this discussion. Thank you Lord for giving me this opportunity!

Inmate gives himself to Jesus Christ!

Tonight, an inmate in Bible study gave himself and dedicated himself to Christ! He shared the challenges he has on a day-to-day basis and truly opened his heart to restoration. It was an opportunity to see Jesus at work in one of our brothers in Christ!! Amen

Appreciation Retrospect

There are times when the world and life is moving so fast that I dont take a second to appreciate the amazing sights, blessings, and serenity He has placed in my life! Sometimes just a glimpse reminds us and this was one of those moments!

Stranger Saves a Life!

While at my daughters dance competition, a stranger fell to the ground and appeared to have a heart attack! Another stranger jumped in to help save her as she was visibly unconscious and possibly dead. He was able to revive her and the EMT came to continue treatment. I felt tgat this stranger was put in this position by the Lord to help this woman, but also provide an example of how we should jump into action to help others whenever needed! Continued prayers to this woman and blessings to this stranger!

Disciple of God Award

Today I witnessed 11 young adults get awarded the disciple of God award! They received these awards for their leadership projects that are geared at helping the less fortunate and drive awareness to Christ’s love in this world! So very proud of them and it was a great demonstration of God’s works when we become the hands and feet for our Lord.

He gives me strength to do anything!

In 2015 I prayed the Lord would give me strength to be bold with my faith! The idea to run the Twin Cities marathon came to mind and I knew the Lord placed the idea in my head.  It was the most powerful day of my life! I never felt closer to the Lord than by doing something to boast on his behalf. He’s blessed me with the will but also the sense to recognize when he is speaking to me thru my thoughts, and I thank the Lord for being there always, you have truly blessed my life, thank you!

Stepping up their faith

Today I witnessed nine young adults take on the role of leading FCA (Fellowship Christian Athletes) next year! In a world where Jesus isn’t allowed in our schools, this is a big step in helping to shine the light and get the word out! I commend them for not sitting on the sidelines, but getting on the field and remaining bold in their faith! A great example!


I must admit, I’ve been struggling with the best way to get the Word out and spark adoption of WonderMarker and needed a bit of positive reinforcement in this ministry. Well I never would have guessed that my UBER driver would be the messenger to deliver that boost. We got to talking about Portland and he mentioned that he believed there was a need for more churches, as he said it was the least churched major metro! It was a perfect on-ramp to tell him about WonderMarker! His reinforcement and input was exactly what I needed from another believer, one that I didn’t already know as a friend! Thank you Lord for speaking and supporting me thru others, in places I’d never expect!

God is a Rock!

Witnessed 7th grade class singing songs about the Lord, and really giving it their all in doing so! Very inspirational!

Devotion from Young Christians

Two freshmen gave a devotion today at FCA at Champlin Park High School. An amazing display of faith, empathy, and conviction as they gave an Easter focused message we can and should all relate to as Christians. Great job girls!

  • : 04/10/2018 07:12

First Holy Communion

Witnessed 20+ 4th graders accept First Holy Communion in taking a big step in their faith journey. Very exciting to see faith grow in children!

  • : 04/08/2018 12:00

Inky Johnson Inspiration

What an amazing example of perseverance when the chips are down! He could have packed it in and wallowed in misfortune, but he didn’t. It was a great demonstration of faith, and wasn’t a coincidence I had the privilege to watch it first hand! He speaks to us thru others!

  • : 02/22/2018 13:38

Best Buddy Gift

I have to admit that I didn’t even want a dog at first, but after having Hazel join our family I realized Her arrival was an absolute blessing to our lives! She helps relieve anxiety and stress on a daily basis, what a gift!

  • : 02/16/2018 13:34

Adult and Teen Challenge Testimonial

The choir came to Servant of Christ and gave testimony that stirred faith and passion to help people who could have been written off, an opportunity to be an example and inspirational to others in His name!

  • : 11/12/2017 10:00

Prisoner’s Sentence Overturned after Two Years of Appeals

A brother in Christ who has been actively attending Bible study at the Lino Lakes Prison was notified that his sentence and appeals were changed to not guilty. He’s been in jail for two years now and has steadfast faith throughout his time as he fought thru the process. I admire his conviction and believe he was placed in my life to show me that under all circumstances, we must hold true to what is right, and fight thru, no matter what the challenge is that has been placed in front of us! Everything happens at Godspeed! A true miracle in my eyes!

  • : 01/30/2018 08:00