Subtle Reminder

Today is a subtle reminder that even the overcast days can be beautiful and useful to His purpose! Feeling blessed at all times!


We had our 4th annual FCA Dodgeball Tournament! It’s a great night with many high school students competing and hearing a faith based message. This years theme – “Servant Leader”.

Wonderful Experience

These past six months I have had the wonderful opportunity of studying abroad. For years before this adventure I had dreamed about exploring a new place. At such a young age, God has given me the chance to explore a new part of the world he created for us and to meet many amazing people. I am very thankful for this opportunity and none of it would have been possible without the strength of God.

FCA Jackson middle school

Today my youth pastor from Emmanuel, Jen Sargent, spoke at FCA from Luke 19:1-10. She spoke about Zacchaeus. A part that stood out to me was Luke 19:8. It says “Meanwhile, Zacchaeus stood before the Lord and said ‘I will give half of my wealth to the poor, Lord, and if I have cheated people out of their taxes, I will give them back four times as much!” This shows that Zacchaeus may not have been honest in the past when he cheated people with their taxes but he gave back. Not only did he give back, but he gave back four times as much. Jen challenged us today to make someone feel loved that may feel like a Zacchaeus because of their reputation. So today, instead of sitting with a friend I sit by everyday at lunch, I invited someone else to sit by me. It was something very small and I feel like I can do more and I will.


On August 5th I decided to completely give my life to Jesus! I got baptized as well as 72 others. Wont ever forget this! God is Good.

Big give!

Last Wednesday youth students at Emmanuel Christian center raised over $45,000! We sacrificed our money, time, and energy because he sacrificed his whole life for us. We raised money to end human sex trafficking, build water wells in africa, and bring disaster relief to people who are in places that are having natural disasters. God made this possible!

Family Thankfulness

This weekend I was able to spend family time with my family on my Dads side. We usually don’t see them much because they live six hours away, so I am grateful for the time we had together!

God’s silent beauty

One of my favorite things about getting out in the woods and hunting in the fall is the silent time a person gets. The woods are a quiet place and on this particular morning I felt the warmth of Gods presence as my mind drifted into prayer.

First State Title

Watching the Champlin Park girls high school volleyball team win the state championship was outstanding! They overcame lots of adversity and showed a great desire to succeed! I definitely felt like God was present and helping them achieve their goal! Great job!

God Uses All Avenues

I was blessed with winning a Poker tournament, and while many don’t condone playing cards, or view it as gambling. I’ve seen the Lord allow me to gain blessings from Him thru this avenue, all while opening up discussions about the Lord in the least likely scenarios. All things work for our prosperity when we do it for His glory!

Given Time

I’ve gone years wondering my Grandmas true thoughts about Christ, and our Lord has blessed me with numerous opportunities to ask her what she believes. I finally had the discussion with her and she revealed her faith in Christ, even though shes never been one to go to a church on a regular basis. She celebrated her 96th birthday last week and I feel like I received the gift in having this discussion. Thank you Lord for giving me this opportunity!