At Jackson Middle School, students were gathering for see you at the pole to pray for the school on Sep 26

God’s Beauty

Our family discovered this seacave in the shape of a cross on the south shores of Lake Superior. God’s wonders always amaze me!

Inmate gives himself to Jesus Christ!

Tonight, an inmate in Bible study gave himself and dedicated himself to Christ! He shared the challenges he has on a day-to-day basis and truly opened his heart to restoration. It was an opportunity to see Jesus at work in one of our brothers in Christ!! Amen


this past week I have grown so close to all my friends and god because of this church camp called wapo that I go to. This is my favorite time of the year and it is a wonder to me because this is when my faith is the strongest with god.

Appreciation Retrospect

There are times when the world and life is moving so fast that I dont take a second to appreciate the amazing sights, blessings, and serenity He has placed in my life! Sometimes just a glimpse reminds us and this was one of those moments!

Stranger Saves a Life!

While at my daughters dance competition, a stranger fell to the ground and appeared to have a heart attack! Another stranger jumped in to help save her as she was visibly unconscious and possibly dead. He was able to revive her and the EMT came to continue treatment. I felt tgat this stranger was put in this position by the Lord to help this woman, but also provide an example of how we should jump into action to help others whenever needed! Continued prayers to this woman and blessings to this stranger!

CPBC Senior High

Fun time during the Senior High 1 session at Covenant Pines Bible Camp this past week. It was filled with laughter, fun, worship, peace, stillness, abundance, encounters, joy, and empowerment. So great to meet the staff who shared their love for God with the campers. Covenant Pines is a holy place and will forever be a place where my faith flourishes and gets renewed.

Las Vegas

Vegas has amazing weather and I am truly blessed to be here with my family and friends for dance!

Community Blessings

I woke up this morning to a flamboyance of flamingos in my front yard and I live in MN. Not sure how they got this far north, but it was a true spectacle! Thanks to the Ratajczyk’s and Youth Group at the Servant of Christ for the blessing to our family.

Hope 4 Youth

Today three remarkable women were honored for their efforts of starting a 100% non-profit store in Champlin called Hope’s Closet. Money earned at the store goes towards Hope 4 Youth to help end youth who are homeless. Thank you God for inspiring tbese ladies!