Family is Best!

This weekend, my mother-in-law set aside her own time to help plant our flowers and give some much needed attention to our yard.

I am blessed to have such support!

Thank you, Julie McCoy

  • : 05/20/2018 00:00

U.P. Michigan Beauty

Horse Race Rapids on Paint River. Located in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

  • : 11/11/2017 14:00


This evening, the CPHS Softball family along with the rebel community honored a beloved coach, teacher, collegue, and friend who has passed away last August. God bless everyone who showed up to her dedication, we all miss you Mac!!

The Wondrous Church

A beautiful example of religious tolerance! The main contributor to this catholic cathedral was a wealthy Jewish man! In memory of his contributions the windows are marked with the star of david. This is one of the oldest churches in mexico and the new world! It is the beautiful cathedral of Mazatlán! Gods love is everywhere even in the new world! ✝❤


Yesterday, my parents and I went on a beautiful ten mile bike ride and it was so amazing outside, especially the temperature and landscape.  Thank you Lord!

Morning Glory

There are just some mornings that I would rather hit snooze than get up to workout. But I am always so glad that i get up – i get to start my day right with awesome friends who run at crazy hours to achieve certain goals. So glad I decided to get up this particular morning. God painted his sky with all the colors and reminds me that he is in control and to give the glory to God every single day.

feeling blessed

It was a dream of ours to go to Europe.. and then we found out the Minnesota Vikings were playing the Cleveland Browns in London. We went to the game and it was just a beautiful stadium the fans were so colorful. They had on many different NFL team jerseys on. They just like the NFL not necessarily the teams playing.
The sun was out and the Vikings won. I truly felt blessed to have the opportunity to have a dream come true!

Little Miracle

My wife was pregnant eight weeks with our first child. She began to spot and then bleed fairly heavy. We went into the doctor, but our regular doctor was on vacation. The doctor we saw told us that we should expect the worst and in all probability she’s losing the baby. We were both very upset and that night I prayed and prayed that everything would be OK. I prayed so much that I got down to a specific ask. I asked that perhaps her body was thinking that her other ovary was having a menstrual cycle. I asked that maybe it was just a fluky thing it would go away and the baby would be fine. The next day we went to the doctor again and had an ultrasound and found out it was a false bleeding the baby was totally fine! He’s 16 years old today and he is our bright light in this world! Thank you Jesus!

Confirming their faith!

38 – 9th graders proclaimed their Faith and started their journey to follow Jesus Christ!

  • : 05/12/18

God is a Rock!

Witnessed 7th grade class singing songs about the Lord, and really giving it their all in doing so! Very inspirational!


Confirmation students exceed their goal by over $200 in giving to expand WAPO’s dining hall! Clearly feeling God’s blessing through these kids!