Subtle Reminder

Today is a subtle reminder that even the overcast days can be beautiful and useful to His purpose! Feeling blessed at all times!

FCA Jackson middle school

Today my youth pastor from Emmanuel, Jen Sargent, spoke at FCA from Luke 19:1-10. She spoke about Zacchaeus. A part that stood out to me was Luke 19:8. It says “Meanwhile, Zacchaeus stood before the Lord and said ‘I will give half of my wealth to the poor, Lord, and if I have cheated people out of their taxes, I will give them back four times as much!” This shows that Zacchaeus may not have been honest in the past when he cheated people with their taxes but he gave back. Not only did he give back, but he gave back four times as much. Jen challenged us today to make someone feel loved that may feel like a Zacchaeus because of their reputation. So today, instead of sitting with a friend I sit by everyday at lunch, I invited someone else to sit by me. It was something very small and I feel like I can do more and I will.


On August 5th I decided to completely give my life to Jesus! I got baptized as well as 72 others. Wont ever forget this! God is Good.

Big give!

Last Wednesday youth students at Emmanuel Christian center raised over $45,000! We sacrificed our money, time, and energy because he sacrificed his whole life for us. We raised money to end human sex trafficking, build water wells in africa, and bring disaster relief to people who are in places that are having natural disasters. God made this possible!

God’s silent beauty

One of my favorite things about getting out in the woods and hunting in the fall is the silent time a person gets. The woods are a quiet place and on this particular morning I felt the warmth of Gods presence as my mind drifted into prayer.


At Jackson Middle School, students were gathering for see you at the pole to pray for the school on Sep 26

Inmate gives himself to Jesus Christ!

Tonight, an inmate in Bible study gave himself and dedicated himself to Christ! He shared the challenges he has on a day-to-day basis and truly opened his heart to restoration. It was an opportunity to see Jesus at work in one of our brothers in Christ!! Amen

CPBC Senior High

Fun time during the Senior High 1 session at Covenant Pines Bible Camp this past week. It was filled with laughter, fun, worship, peace, stillness, abundance, encounters, joy, and empowerment. So great to meet the staff who shared their love for God with the campers. Covenant Pines is a holy place and will forever be a place where my faith flourishes and gets renewed.

Caught in the Storm

Picture this: You and your family are heading West to North Dakota, somewhere West of Fargo, when out of nowhere, a raindrop hits the windshield. A simple, quite common occurance, just not today. You gaze across the horizon and as massive raindrops pound the windshield see what looks like a thunderhead spawning a funnel cloud. Just as you calm your rightfully scared sister down while battling your own fears, every cell phone and smart watch blairs the same warning. Even the car projects the warning on its screen. “WARNING,” it blasts, seeming to cause physical harm, even more so than the storm. “THIS AREA IS IN TORNADO WARNING UNTIL 5 PM.” It has come to the point where you can place your hand on the roof and feel the shape of the hail now pelting your poor car in every direction. You try and take shelter, resting under a bypass with several other cars, nestled together like sardines. While you whisper a silent prayer, you hear your family do the same. Gallons of water crash over your sheltered head like tidal waves, their undertow rolling off your windshield. The tornado’s here. It’s been here since the warning was posted, miles away. But you hold onto the two things you have left: Family and faith. Faith that God is here, that he has never failed and isn’t going to start now. Faith that the storm will pass. Time past slowly in those few minutes, as if every time a grass plant blew by, every time the car shook, every McDonalds cup that hit the side of the car was pixelated when, out of nowhere, the hail ceases and the rain significantly lightens. Over your head, this ring, this halo in the clouds through which the sun is shining through passes over, like the eye of a hurricane. The minutes my family spent in the storm are some of the most terrifying, yet holy we’ve ever witnessed. Amen.

Disciple of God Award

Today I witnessed 11 young adults get awarded the disciple of God award! They received these awards for their leadership projects that are geared at helping the less fortunate and drive awareness to Christ’s love in this world! So very proud of them and it was a great demonstration of God’s works when we become the hands and feet for our Lord.

He gives me strength to do anything!

In 2015 I prayed the Lord would give me strength to be bold with my faith! The idea to run the Twin Cities marathon came to mind and I knew the Lord placed the idea in my head.  It was the most powerful day of my life! I never felt closer to the Lord than by doing something to boast on his behalf. He’s blessed me with the will but also the sense to recognize when he is speaking to me thru my thoughts, and I thank the Lord for being there always, you have truly blessed my life, thank you!

God Answers

Before my big game, I prayed to God that I would play for him and that his will would be done through our game and also through me. That night, I had played the best game I had ever played in my life and it took me a couple days later to realize why I had played so well… it was because I played for God and not just myself. You may not see how God is working through you at the time, but once you do… everything looks different.

Confirming their faith!

38 – 9th graders proclaimed their Faith and started their journey to follow Jesus Christ!

  • : 05/12/18


I prayed quite a bit about running another marathon this year and I wondered where God wanted me these past few months. I put one foot in front of the other and checked off run after run as I prayed. And last week, we completed a wonderful race- I had the privledge of running with such beautiful and strong and faithful girls every step of the way. God is great and I am so thankful!