Given Time

I’ve gone years wondering my Grandmas true thoughts about Christ, and our Lord has blessed me with numerous opportunities to ask her what she believes. I finally had the discussion with her and she revealed her faith in Christ, even though shes never been one to go to a church on a regular basis. She celebrated her 96th birthday last week and I feel like I received the gift in having this discussion. Thank you Lord for giving me this opportunity!

Stranger Saves a Life!

While at my daughters dance competition, a stranger fell to the ground and appeared to have a heart attack! Another stranger jumped in to help save her as she was visibly unconscious and possibly dead. He was able to revive her and the EMT came to continue treatment. I felt tgat this stranger was put in this position by the Lord to help this woman, but also provide an example of how we should jump into action to help others whenever needed! Continued prayers to this woman and blessings to this stranger!

Grandma K. turns 100

Celebrated Grandma’s 100th birthday this past weekend. Wonderful to see the many friends and family gathered to thank the Lord for the blessing she is.

Little Miracle

My wife was pregnant eight weeks with our first child. She began to spot and then bleed fairly heavy. We went into the doctor, but our regular doctor was on vacation. The doctor we saw told us that we should expect the worst and in all probability she’s losing the baby. We were both very upset and that night I prayed and prayed that everything would be OK. I prayed so much that I got down to a specific ask. I asked that perhaps her body was thinking that her other ovary was having a menstrual cycle. I asked that maybe it was just a fluky thing it would go away and the baby would be fine. The next day we went to the doctor again and had an ultrasound and found out it was a false bleeding the baby was totally fine! He’s 16 years old today and he is our bright light in this world! Thank you Jesus!