God Uses All Avenues

I was blessed with winning a Poker tournament, and while many don’t condone playing cards, or view it as gambling. I’ve seen the Lord allow me to gain blessings from Him thru this avenue, all while opening up discussions about the Lord in the least likely scenarios. All things work for our prosperity when we do it for His glory!

The Wondrous Church

A beautiful example of religious tolerance! The main contributor to this catholic cathedral was a wealthy Jewish man! In memory of his contributions the windows are marked with the star of david. This is one of the oldest churches in mexico and the new world! It is the beautiful cathedral of Mazatlán! Gods love is everywhere even in the new world! ✝❤

Prisoner’s Sentence Overturned after Two Years of Appeals

A brother in Christ who has been actively attending Bible study at the Lino Lakes Prison was notified that his sentence and appeals were changed to not guilty. He’s been in jail for two years now and has steadfast faith throughout his time as he fought thru the process. I admire his conviction and believe he was placed in my life to show me that under all circumstances, we must hold true to what is right, and fight thru, no matter what the challenge is that has been placed in front of us! Everything happens at Godspeed! A true miracle in my eyes!

  • : 01/30/2018 08:00