Wonderful Experience

These past six months I have had the wonderful opportunity of studying abroad. For years before this adventure I had dreamed about exploring a new place. At such a young age, God has given me the chance to explore a new part of the world he created for us and to meet many amazing people. I am very thankful for this opportunity and none of it would have been possible without the strength of God.

Family Thankfulness

This weekend I was able to spend family time with my family on my Dads side. We usually don’t see them much because they live six hours away, so I am grateful for the time we had together!

God’s Beauty

Our family discovered this seacave in the shape of a cross on the south shores of Lake Superior. God’s wonders always amaze me!


this past week I have grown so close to all my friends and god because of this church camp called wapo that I go to. This is my favorite time of the year and it is a wonder to me because this is when my faith is the strongest with god.

Appreciation Retrospect

There are times when the world and life is moving so fast that I dont take a second to appreciate the amazing sights, blessings, and serenity He has placed in my life! Sometimes just a glimpse reminds us and this was one of those moments!

Las Vegas

Vegas has amazing weather and I am truly blessed to be here with my family and friends for dance!

Painted Canyon

After a VERY stressful day,( By that I mean a tornado touching down right next to us, not to mention inside the car. I prayed that My family and I would be ok. A few hours after the scariest moment of my life, I prayed for the second time: That it will not EVER happen to me or my family again. And Holy cats! When I saw this beauty, I forgot every single bad thought that the tornado had not stopped. Thank you god.


Sunrises have always been special to me. They remind me that no matter what has happened the previous day….God gives us a fresh start. In the morning. All you need to do is accept it.


Yesterday, my parents and I went on a beautiful ten mile bike ride and it was so amazing outside, especially the temperature and landscape.  Thank you Lord!

Morning Glory

There are just some mornings that I would rather hit snooze than get up to workout. But I am always so glad that i get up – i get to start my day right with awesome friends who run at crazy hours to achieve certain goals. So glad I decided to get up this particular morning. God painted his sky with all the colors and reminds me that he is in control and to give the glory to God every single day.