We had our 4th annual FCA Dodgeball Tournament! It’s a great night with many high school students competing and hearing a faith based message. This years theme – “Servant Leader”.

First State Title

Watching the Champlin Park girls high school volleyball team win the state championship was outstanding! They overcame lots of adversity and showed a great desire to succeed! I definitely felt like God was present and helping them achieve their goal! Great job!

Community Blessings

I woke up this morning to a flamboyance of flamingos in my front yard and I live in MN. Not sure how they got this far north, but it was a true spectacle! Thanks to the Ratajczyk’s and Youth Group at the Servant of Christ for the blessing to our family.

Hope 4 Youth

Today three remarkable women were honored for their efforts of starting a 100% non-profit store in Champlin called Hope’s Closet. Money earned at the store goes towards Hope 4 Youth to help end youth who are homeless. Thank you God for inspiring tbese ladies!

Stepping up their faith

Today I witnessed nine young adults take on the role of leading FCA (Fellowship Christian Athletes) next year! In a world where Jesus isn’t allowed in our schools, this is a big step in helping to shine the light and get the word out! I commend them for not sitting on the sidelines, but getting on the field and remaining bold in their faith! A great example!


I must admit, I’ve been struggling with the best way to get the Word out and spark adoption of WonderMarker and needed a bit of positive reinforcement in this ministry. Well I never would have guessed that my UBER driver would be the messenger to deliver that boost. We got to talking about Portland and he mentioned that he believed there was a need for more churches, as he said it was the least churched major metro! It was a perfect on-ramp to tell him about WonderMarker! His reinforcement and input was exactly what I needed from another believer, one that I didn’t already know as a friend! Thank you Lord for speaking and supporting me thru others, in places I’d never expect!

Family is Best!

This weekend, my mother-in-law set aside her own time to help plant our flowers and give some much needed attention to our yard.

I am blessed to have such support!

Thank you, Julie McCoy

  • : 05/20/2018 00:00


Confirmation students exceed their goal by over $200 in giving to expand WAPO’s dining hall! Clearly feeling God’s blessing through these kids!

A few words, smiles, and tears

Tear jerking moment:
As some of you all know Kristen and I did a huge home show in Minneapolis the last weekend in March and first weekend in April 2018. Lots of fun, stress, learning, and again…FUN!! But there was one moment that I need to let you all know about and how Chalk Couture made a moms day and her daughters. They came into our booth and I ask if they had any questions with what we were doing. The mom said no they were just passing thru. But the daughter looked like she was interested. The mom told me that her daughter was autistic (somewhat nonverbal). PERFECT!! I was a PCA for a while. I asked her mom if it was ok if I could show her daughter a demo. The daughter never made eye contact or really engaged…yet. Long story short. The demo put a smile on the daughters face. The daughter said “WOW”. Then I had her do a small project. Mom is watching all this as she is in tears. I let the daughter take her project home at no charge. As the two left our booth, I ran over to my wife (yes, with tears in my eyes…just not rolling down my cheek….I am a man and we don’t cry…total lie there!!) I ask my wife if I could run a give the daughter one of our leather cuffs the she had made with the CC ink. Of course she said yes. I found the mother and daughter team, asked the mother if it was ok if I gave the daughter the leather cuff. Mom said yes. As i gave it to the daughter…MOTHER STARTS CRYING AGAIN!! Because the daughter said…”Thank you!” Remember…she was somewhat nonverbal and autistic. Thank you Chalk Couture for making a product that is so easy that I could have that experience and make a mothers day. And yes the daughters day was made as well. It is times like that that make the stressful times of life totally worth it!! Anyway, I just thought I should share that with you all because it was a time in this crazy world that made three peoples day using Chalk Couture!!
(This was copied from a private group that my wife and I are on on Facebook, but thought it was something everyone should hear.)

  • : 04/07/2018

Is this someone’s phone?

I parked my car on Main Street in Maple Grove and rushed in to my barre’ class. After about 5 minutes of being there, a woman walked in off of the street and asked if the person who owned the white Land Rover which was parked a few doors down was in the studio. She had found my phone with my credit cards and licence in a snowbank by my car door. Because this woman, my day was made!

  • : 02/25/2018

Inky Johnson Inspiration

What an amazing example of perseverance when the chips are down! He could have packed it in and wallowed in misfortune, but he didn’t. It was a great demonstration of faith, and wasn’t a coincidence I had the privilege to watch it first hand! He speaks to us thru others!

  • : 02/22/2018 13:38

Adult and Teen Challenge

People from Adult and Teen Challenge sang to the congregation today and provided testimony to how the Lord is changing their lives for the better.  The testimonies are impactful to everyone who hears them and provide appreciation to Gods grace being for everyone, regardless of past or challenges in our lives.  True blessing!

  • : 11/12/2017 10:00

Helping the Erickson’s

Two Champlin Park students started up a campaign to raise money for Mr. Erickson and his wife to assist with medical bills.  They were able to raise $13,955 in 16 days, with contributions by 589 donators!  Talk about a selfless act of kindness to get things going, God is definitely at work thru these girls!

  • : 11/14/2017 18:00